Spanish school student reviews and testimonials

No stock photos, staged interviews or reviews from people that don’t exist (yes, we have all seen those “review sites”)! This are real students that shared a few words with us about their experience and for that, we will always be thankful!

We’re adding testimonies from time to time. Please contact us if you’re a former student and you’d like to contribute to this section. Thanks everyone for sharing their opinion with us.

Jessica, Academia Tica Spanish School student in 2017

“I have done many things and learned a lot from my teachers and my classmates, both in Coronado and Jacó Beach. Classes are always fun, dynamic and challenging!”.

– Jessica, 26, Jamaica/Cayman Islands.

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Marleen talks about her Spanish lesson experience

“My seven weeks in the school were unforgettable. I was able to do everything I wanted. I really loved the classes and I feel that I learned a lot, more than I expected!”.

– Marleen, 24, Netherlands.

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Natasha studied and travelled with Academia Tica Spanish School, here are her impressions

“I’ve met some amazing people, friends and teachers; and I’ve been to amazing places. I can’t describe it because it has been so much fun. It’s such a beautiful country and the people are so great!”.

– Natasha, 20, England

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Nick loved travel and study in Costa Rica, check out what he said about it

“Teachers have a lot of passion for teaching. They really care about their students and that is what is important. When you see that in a language school, it makes you feel happy!”.

– Nick, 25, U.S.A.

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A poem about learning Spanish? Check Nicole's Spanish school testimonial!

“The teachers are very patient and qualified. I feel important and intelligent. I don’t feel old, my classmates make me feel young. My motivation for learning the language grows.”

– Nicole, 69, Canada

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An attitude towards Spanish learning an exploring that is hard to beat at 68!

“At Academia Tica, since the first days, I felt an atmosphere full of a particular human quality, a concern about the well-being of every person.”

– Robert, 68, Canada

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Lennart's views on the school services and activities

“I was never bored because the school had planned a lot of free time activities. I rode a horse for the first time here in Costa Rica. It was very exciting!”

– Lennart, 27, Germany

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After a few learning experiences, Pamela landed at Academia Tica for two weeks

“Academica Tica has been by far been the best learning experience for me. Although I was only able to study for 2 weeks, I learned more in those 2 weeks than in any of my other learning experiences.”

– Pamela, 64, U.S.A.

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Our student Helena was excited to go to class, well, we were excited to have her as a student!

“I felt so wonderfully well there. Academia Tica is a paradise of a school with the most fantastic teachers I have ever met! When is the last time you were excited to go to school and learn new things?”

– Helena, 29, Belgium

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Cyriara kindly shared her opinion about her Spanish course and experience in Costa Rica

“The lessons were great and very well organized. There is a lot of speaking involved in the classes, so my Spanish improved in a short time period.”

– Cyriara, 23, Holland

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