Spanish courses in Costa Rica

All of our Spanish courses follow a tropical, friendly, cultural and fun approach. The basis for our programs is the Instituto Cervantes’ Plan Curricular which ensures standard guidelines and rigorous inspections.

Some quick facts about our courses:

  • You can start every Monday of the year
  • Course goes Monday to Friday with the weekends free for travel!
  • Groups courses go 8:00 am to 11:40 am
  • Lessons are 50 minutes long
  • We have 4 group lessons in the morning with private lessons in the afternoon. Only-private courses can also be taken in the morning (depending upon availability).

Your course includes:

For more info and all the nitty-gritty about the course workings, check our Teaching Methodology page.

Spanish students at their course graduationStudying with our Spanish programs in Costa Rica
"Academica Tica has been by far been the best learning experience for me. Although I was only able to study for 2 weeks, I learned more in those 2 weeks than in any of my other learning experiences in Costa Rica." Read more >>Pamela, from USA

General Spanish courses

Most of you will find one of these options best for all your needs! These courses cover general Spanish topics following a structured progression based on international standards. Our group course is the backbone of our program and this can be combined with private lessons for further, deeper progression on your skills. You learn better alone? Take advantage of one-on-one time with the teacher if you prefer a private-only course.

Intensive Spanish course

20 group
Spanish lessons per week

From $290 /week

Intensive Plus

20 group + 5 private Spanish lessons per week

From $410 /week

Super Intensive Plus

20 group + 10 private Spanish lessons per week

From $530 /week

Private Lessons

From 2 up to 30 private
Spanish lessons per week

From $28 /lesson

Special Spanish courses

Six options of special Spanish courses! All of these follow the same carefully structured method as the General Spanish courses but add up a little extra: special classes for DELE preparation, surfing, fun learn-by-doing activities, special purposes and more. Our Crash Course (see below) is tailored for travelers that can only spend a few days with us, but wish to have a good foundation and language resources for their experience in Latin America.

Dele Exam Preparation

Intensive Spanish course +
10 DELE Practice lessons
per week

(you can also take the 10 DELE Practice lessons separately)

From $500 /week

Surf & Spanish

Intensive Spanish course +
3 surfing lessons
per week

(Intensive option:10 private lessons plus 5 surfing lessons per week)

From $500/week

Interactive Spanish

10 private Spanish lessons +
5 learning activities +
2 excursions per week

Ideal for families, 50+ and those who want a less intensive approach

From $560 /week

Spanish for Specific Purposes

Intensive Spanish course +
10 Specific purpose lessons
per week

(choose from: Spanish for Teachers, Medical, Law and Business Spanish)

From $260 /week

Bildungsurlaub course

30 group Spanish lessons
per week

Both campuses accredited for Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein

From $500 /week

Crash course: Travel Survival

Five 4-lesson modules of different topics, one module per day.

Choose the amount of days you can study while on your trip and join any day of the week!

From $80 /day

Other Special Programs

These programs are the result of years of catering special requests for individuals and groups. We're proud to be a flexible yet very serious institution that deliver great learning experiences to our students. Something else on your mind? Just let us know!

Traveling Classroom

A full Intensive Spanish course plus daily activities. We have included a lot of stuff, including our favorite things to do! We're traveling Costa Rica for 4 weeks (2-week option).

From $1950 /2 weeks

Group Programs (Custom)

Bring your group! Study language and culture, visit all the amazing beautiful and interesting places in Costa Rica. Let us know your ideas and let's design a program plan and budget together! All ages are welcome.

Internship Program

Learn Spanish and practice in an actual Costa-Rican work environment. Internships can be from 4 up to 24 weeks and are meant to be a further learning experience in both your area and language skills.

From $350 /program

Volunteering Program

Volunteering is a nice way to contribute to a Costa-Rican community and by the way, practice your Spanish! Lots of projects will be greatly benefit from your time and your skills, we have projects in several categories.

From $150 /program

Your Spanish learning starts now!

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