Private Spanish Courses in Costa Rica

One-on-one Spanish lessons tailored to the students’ needs

Private Spanish classes in Costa Rica

Course description

Private Spanish courses at Academia Tica are personalized one-on-one courses that can be added to a group course or taken as a stand alone course.

Students can choose from day courses of 2-6 lessons or weekly courses of 10-30 lessons. There is virtually no limit for how many lessons you can have (the only minimum we ask is to take 2-lesson sessions), this depends on your budget, time and goals.

Who is this course for?

Private Spanish courses are perfect for students that:

  • Have a very limited amount of time.
  • Want to make the most out of their course (private courses are more effective since study is focused on one student’s needs).
  • Want to complement their group course with more practice and deeper study of specific topics.
  • Prefer to study at their own pace.
  • Would like to cover very specific topics.

Course contents

Like in all our other Spanish courses you will be trained in reading, speaking, pronunciation, listening comprehension and grammar skills as well as Costa Rican and Latin-American Culture.

Specific language contents depend on your level and your needs. However, structure follows the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages.

Private classes for 2 or more

If you are travelling with friends or family, you can also book a course with a private teacher for a reduced rate. Only take into account that for true advance on your skills, all students should be in a similar level, beginner, intermediate or advanced!

Course costs

Private Spanish courses start at $54 for each 2-lesson session. Please check our full price list for combined course and/or weekly pricing.