Cool upcoming events include an international food fair in Coronado, more than 100 activities in the capital and of course the World Cup.

Food: “Feria Internacional De Comida Típica”
Sick of “Gallo Pinto,” yet?  Or maybe ready for another serving? The International Fair of Typical Food offers Costa Rican favorites, and also Caribbean and Latin American specialties from 10am to 6pm this Saturday, June 21st at the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture in Coronado.

Culture: “100 en un día”
This event on Saturday, June 21st in San José consists of many activities voluntarily organized by citizens who want to turn their home into a nicer and livelier place one small step at time… times 100! Learn indigenous handicraft techniques in creative workshops, see water of all colors coming out of the cities fountains, get free hugs, listen to the stories of homeless people, watch folkloric dance, get to know San José during a mini city tours, be a part of a flash mob or have a picnic with random people… Check the event map and schedule on the website or just go and stroll around in the central streets and parks to see what’s going on.

Exhibition: Soccer stadiums of the world
In honor of World Cup madness, an exhibition called “Las catedrales del fútbol” shows where the magic happens from a different point of view. Architecture and impressive capacity come to life with flag-waving fans, the joys and frustrations of thousands piqued by a tiny ball… All captured in these photos.
Visit the exhibition until August 1st in the Centro Cultural de España in San José (Calle 31, Avenida 13).

World Cup: Where to watch the games
Last week we celebrated the win of the Costa Rican team in the sports club Los Jaúles.  Today at school we had an awesome time cheering for our team in the game vs. Italy!! If you are looking for another place to see  matches, here are some tips from the staff in Coronado: Just in short walking distance down the street from the school you´ll find the bar “Los Socios”, for the weekends the karaoke bar “Las Cantares” above the supermarket “AM PM” and last but not least we recommend the bar and restaurant “Las Villas San Isidro” (from the church pass the park on the main street, turn left at the gas station and again left on the second street). If you look for something bigger: In San José is a large screen broadcasting all the games on the Plaza de la Democracia, right in front of the National Museum.