Volunteering with Animal Rescue Centers in Costa Rica

An amazing opportunity to learn, work hard and be up close with they furry and the feathered

Volunteering in Animal Rescue Centers in Costa Rica

Volunteering description

Volunteers will work with animals that arrive to the rescue centers for different reasons: injuries, orphans, sickness or animals rescued from captivity. Most rescue centers have scarce resources and the work is very time consuming.

Besides from dealing daily with beautiful wild and domestic animals, the volunteers will be immersed in a natural environment and learn a great deal about the Costa Rican and tropical fauna.

Some animals the volunteer may work with depending on where they go: small birds, owls, tucans, macaws, sloths, monkeys, iguanas and other lizards, felines, deers, anteaters and racoons. All the animals need help and loving care!

Common tasks

Things you can expect from your works at any of the animal rescue centers in Costa Rica:

  • Animal feeding and food preparation
  • Help cleaning enclosures
  • Help in research and exploration
  • Facilities maintenance and cleaning
  • Nursing, rehabilitating and basic care
  • Monitoring and collecting data
  • Working in the garden
  • Attention to visitors

What’s required from you?

Hard working nature, seriousness and discipline, creativity, ecological sensitivity, willingness to learn about new cultures and most importantly: enthusiasm.

No experience is necessary but good health and the ability to adapt to new environments are required.

Please note that all volunteering projects are for those students that take a minimum of 2 weeks of Spanish course. We offer this as an extension of their language learning experience, we don’t place volunteers that don’t take language courses.

How to apply

For applying, we kindly ask our students to complete the booking form and inform us there of their intention using the “Special Programs” field. We may ask you for further information.

Program costs

Program costs may vary depending on the project, length and accommodation chosen while volunteering. A good rule of thumb says that you will be paying around $35 per day at each project and this should usually include your lodging and meals. There is a one-time placemente fee of $100 and a project donation fee of $50 which will be given directly to the project for their general expenses.