Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center

About Instituto Cervantes

Instituto Cervantes is a Spanish public institution created in 1991 and is dedicated to promoting the Spanish language and spread the culture from Spanish-speaking countries. It has a presence in 77 cities of 44 countries in 5 continents.

Why is the accreditation important?

With the lack of regulations in the Spanish teaching business in Costa Rica and most of Latin America, an international accreditation is important to ensure students that the school is working with the same standards as the best schools in Spain and the rest of countries of the Spanish speaking world. This not only applies to the quality of service in all areas, but more importantly, to the system and methodology of teaching.

However, an accreditation surely can’t measure how good teachers actually are in the classroom. That’s where our many years of experience come into play (established in 1986)! Our teachers are friendly, experienced and prepared to make classes interesting and fun.

Academia Tica Coronado is proudly an Accredited Center of Instituto Cervantes for more than 15 years, this is the most important international accreditation in our line of business.

Instituto Cervantes ensures that educational institutions bearing the “Accredited Center” mark comply with the latest rules and methods by making periodical evaluations.

This also means that we can provide tuition for those interested in taking the DELE Exam or Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language of the Instituto Cervantes, which are internationally recognized official qualifications with permanent validity. Please visit the DELE Exam Preparation Course page to learn more.

DELE Exam Center

Academia Tica is also a DELE Exam Center, celebrating three exam sessions every year (usually in May, July and November). You can prepare for the test and take the exam with us! Check the DELE Exam information and also our DELE Preparation Course page for more info.

More about Instituto Cervantes

Instituto Cervantes provides several services apart from being the official regulatory body when it comes to Spanish teaching. It offers the Virtual Center (Centro Virtual Cervantes) and Virtual Learning Room (Aula Virtual Cervantes). You can also check the automatic translator service.

Instituto Cervantes en MadridAcademia Tica Coronado is an Instituto Cervantes Accredited CenterDELE Exam Center in Costa Rica