Costa Rica Covid situation update and travel info

Costa Rica covid and travel situation update with a sloth (2021)

Is the school open?

Yes! We are open! And we have been open all along 🙂

Choose one of our Spanish courses and accommodations and see you soon!

If you are not ready to travel to Costa Rica yet...

We know it's not easy during this time to decide to travel. We are happy to have you when you are ready! In the meantime, you can check out our Spanish online lessons!

How is the covid situation in Costa Rica? Is it possible to travel?

As everywhere, there have been ups and downs, including a recent omicron wave that brought many cases but a smaller percentage of serious ones. We're back in the 100's of new cases which is considered "low" for Costa Rica.


It's currently possible to travel to Costa Rica without any further requirements regarding covid (so no vaccine info, no insurances, no test nor forms to fill).

Only requirement is to have an exit/onward ticket at day 90 or before from your entry day. This is very important!


All business and institutions (including restaurants, bars, supermarkets, national parks, tourist attractions, etc.) are allowed to work following some protocols. Beacuse of this, it is possible and relatively safe to go around and enjoy Costa Rica in general.

Restrictions to business hours and number of people in one place have been lifted, this means the only current requirement is to wear masks in some situations like indoors and in public transportation.

Getting covid tests is easy and you can do this in both our locations in Coronado and Jacó Beach in local labs with results within 24-48 hours.

Contact us if you have any questions about traveling to Costa Rica and for a future program to learn Spanish!

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