Costa Rica Covid situation update and travel info

We are open! 2020 has been a crazy year, but we're happy to announce that we are open and ready to receive our new students! You can find below more details about how things are working out and we will keep this page updated with new info.

Is it possible to travel to Costa Rica?

  • Costa Rica is opening air travel from all countries starting on November 1st, 2020.
  • Currently, some countries are allowed while some others are not. If you plan to travel before November, it's better to check the official rules from the Costa Rican Tourism Board here.
  • As requisities for traveling: you need to bring insurance that will cover in case of covid, and also fill out a form from the health authorities.

You can check out all the official information from the Costa Rican Tourism Board here.

How is the covid situation in Costa Rica?

As everywhere, the pandemic has had its ups and down here.

On the positive side, Costa Rica has one of the lowest death rates worldwide. This is mainly due to the extensive public health program we had (historically but also right now there is a lot of investing). Getting covid tests is easy and you can do this through the public and private sector.

Also, all business and institutions (including restaurants, supermarkets, national parks, tourist attractions, etc.) have to implement protocols to be allowed to work. Beacuse of this, it is relatively safe to go around and enjoy Costa Rica in general.

On the negative side, we still have many cases but as of October 2020, numbers seem to be coming down on average. These are worse in some areas than others and the government is keeping a close eye on which places need to take extra measures. But most cases are also in some very populated areas which are far from touristic interest.

Nevertheless you still have to take care! Beaches are now open throughout the day and bars are allowed to open too with capacity restrictions. We do have some restrictions on driving at night but for tourist life there is not a huge impact from these.

And beacause we like to be optimistic: curiously, horses from Coronado (very close to one of our campuses!) might even cure you if you get covid in the future. Get the full news about Clodomiro Picado Institute research here.


What is happening at the school?

  • Academia Tica Spanish School has not closed one day during this whole time 🙂
  • We are following the appropriate protocols to keep our students and staff safe, although this means we have to do some changes from our normal operation.
  • Class sizes will depend also on availability of our space so we can ensure physical distancing.
  • We kindly ask you to wear a mask when on indoor spaces and to please observe physical distancing measures.
  • Some activities are not possible but we'll make sure you still have fun!
  • Two "turns" may be established in the schedule if needed (for example: morning lessons for some groups and afternoon lessons for others).

If you are not ready to travel to Costa Rica yet...

We know it's not easy during this time to decide to travel. We are happy to have you when you are ready! In the meantime, you can check out our Spanish online lessons!

Contact us if you have any questions about traveling to Costa Rica and for a future program to learn Spanish!

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