This program is designed for families who wish to combine their family vacations with learning the Spanish language. Learning a new language in family can be a unique experience and even better if it is combined with the incredible experience of knowing a new country, its culture and attractions. Adults can choose from any of our courses and children will be in the course that best suits their age and level of Spanish.

Family arrangements

  • No matter the size or composition of your family, we will be happy to assist you with all the necessary arrangements in terms of tuition, accommodation, leisure activities, transportation and more.
  • As a parent, you can decide not to enroll your children in classes, maybe because they are too young or just because you’re interested in Spanish lessons just for you. If this is the case, it is possible to organize a baby-sitter during class hours.
  • We have different accommodation options for families depending on the campus of choice. The family can share the lodging and choose from one of our spacious houses at the Coronado Student Residence or the convenient Student Apartments at Jacó Beach. You can also choose to stay in a host family or we can help you find a hotel that meets the needs of the family. Please take a look at our accommodation options.
  • Although parents and children don’t share the same class, everyone can have the same class schedule so you can all enjoy the free time together, either in activities and excursions organized by the school or by your own.
  • Children and teens, like adults, will have a course focused on oral communication but with different approaches and dynamics that are more appropriate for their age. The class time is divided depending on the preferences of the parents. For younger children, class times are more flexible and classes are accompanied with art and culture, language games and more practical learning.

Interactive Program

This special program was created especially for families, with the aim of meeting the needs of parents who want to bring their children with them and learn Spanish during their stay in Costa Rica. The program features a light Spanish course with activities and excursions to maximize contact with culture and Spanish immersion.

General details:

  • The program includes 10 Spanish lessons, 5 experiential activities and 2 excursions per week. The activities can be chosen from a list to build a fully personalized program.
  • Lessons are scheduled from Monday through Friday and each lesson is 50 minutes long.
  • Group class size is 2-6 to ensure a more personalized service.
  • The course length is maximum 2 weeks.
  • The program is available in both Coronado and Jacó beach campuses.

Activities & Excursions

In addition to our Spanish language courses, we also offer up to three extra-curricular activities and excursions per week. Participating in these activities allows for students to put into practice the skills they have learned in the classroom in an effortless and fun way. On the other hand, it is also a unique opportunity to get to know Costa Rica’s culture and nature first-hand. Please click here to learn more about our ‘Free time’ activities program.

Private classes

Why not let your kids get an early start on the Spanish language? Learning while in a country where you can practice the language is the best way to learn. It is for this reason that we don’t want your younger children to miss the opportunity to learn so, we offer a special program with private lessons, just the kid and his teacher. The program stimulates children’s natural curiosity through hands-on interaction, lessons, games, songs and recreational activities.

Family discounts

Of course! Travelling with a whole family is way more difficult than travelling alone, we understand! It is for that reason that we want to ease a bit your burden by offering great discounts to your family, depending on the number of members and the services requested. Let us know about your plans and we can gladly advice you!

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