Registration for 2014 will start on February 14.

You have made the decision to take a DELE Exam? Great! You can register in person (at our campus in Coronado) or by email. You just need to send the following documents:

  • A copy of the main pages of your passport
  • A copy of a receipt or proof of payment for the cost of the exam you want to take*
  • The sworn declaration, printed, filled and scanned (a clear picture would work too). Download the file in PDF format, here.
  • The registration form, printed, filled and scanned. Download the file in PDF format, here.

* Remember that bank charges must be included, otherwise 4% or 5% should be added in the case of paying by credit card or Paypal (respectively). You can check out our payment options and details here. Please pay the rights of the exam depending on your level:

  • A1: $91
  • A2: $109
  • B1: $134
  • B2: $160
  • C1: $167
  • C2: $171

We strongly suggest that you take a preparation or practice course before your DELE Exam. 100% of Academia Tica’s students have passed the test in 2013! Academia Tica will offer a flexible range of courses on demand. Please check with us to know what course may suit you best.

Download registration files: