Please contact us if you have any doubts about the registration process or about upcoming dates for 2014.

Academia Tica is proudly a DELE Exam Center in our campus in Coronado. Read below all the details concerning the exam registration. Remember that we have DELE preparation courses if you feel you need to sharpen those skills before the test. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Requirements for DELE Exam candidates

Candidates wishing to take the examinations leading to the Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language must meet the following requirements:

  • When registering, candidates must prove that they are citizens of a country in which Spanish is not an official language.
  • Citizens of Spanish-speaking countries resident in countries where Spanish is not an official language may register if they meet at least two of the following conditions: Spanish is not the mother tongue of one of the candidate’s parents, that Spanish was not the first language learned, that Spanish is not the candidate’s usual language of communication, that the candidate has not studied all or part of their primary or secondary education in Spanish.

The candidates mentioned in section 2 above must declare, in writing, that they meet at least two of these conditions. If they do, the candidates must complete the sworn declaration available in the file attached at the bottom of this page, and submit this together with the rest of the documents.

Registration procedures

Registration must be effected at Academia Tica DELE Exam Center in Costa Rica within the period established for each examination session.

You can register directly by coming to Academia Tica Coronado or by email, sending the documents stated below to

The following documents are necessary to register for the tests:

  • Registration form, duly completed, which can be obtained at the examination centres or by downloading the file attached at the bottom of this page.
  • Original and photocopy of a photo ID that includes the following information: identity, nationality, place and date of birth. Information declared by candidates on the registration form must correspond with that on the ID.
  • Documents accrediting payment of the registration fee.
  • Signed declaration, when appropriate, of fulfilment of at least two of the conditions described in section 2 under “Requirements for DELE Exam candidates” (seen above).

Instituto Cervantes may administer the examinations for Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language under special conditions to those candidates who, due to being in conditions of confinement or having some kind of disability, are unable to sit these exams under the conditions set forth in the guidelines.

Rights of Registration

The Rights of Registration can be paid for either cash, check, making a deposit or a credit transfer (specifying ‘DELE registration’ and the level). If you’re sending it in advance, you can pay with the same options as our deposit payment options.

Once the registration fee is paid, if the candidate renounces to the registration during the registration period or in the following 10 calendar days (5 days for the examination in August), he/she has the right to have the fee totally refunded.

Should he/she renounces in the 10 days following termination of the established cancellation period (5 day for the examination in August), he/she will be refunded only 50% of the paid fee.
The paid fee as registration includes the issue and shipping of the diploma.

Required Documentation for taking the test

The candidates must take the exam with:

  • A stamped copy of the registration form.
  • Passport or identification submitted in the registration process.
  • The official notice of the examination that the examination centre had sent to the candidate.

Download registration files: