“El Sabor, el Sabor!” – This friendly shout fills Academia Tica’s patio every school day at noon, when hungry students flock towards the sound of Caribbean music and the wide smile of Don George. He emerges from a van and opens the side door to reveal baskets and coolers brimming with treats, which hungry students have been yearning for throughout the morning’s intensive Spanish classes. And it´s not just any food, either. Don George specializes in typical fare from the Caribbean part of Costa Rica in addition to snacks like hamburgers, sandwiches, brownies and…Continue Reading “El Sabor: Taste a la Tica”

A few of Academia Tica’s most experienced instructors offered advice on how to begin the rewarding process of learning Spanish. With 65 years of teaching experience between them, we thought it worthwhile to share these kernels of wisdom with the world. Enjoy! “The number one must for new students is simply wanting to study. Step two is actually studying, then studying, studying and studying some more. Finally, don’t just practice in the classroom, practice anytime you can with whomever you can, at the supermarket, with friends,…Continue Reading “Where to begin? Advice for starting your studies…”

El pasado viernes, luego de 6 meses y 750 clases en Academia Tica, nuestro querido estudiante Hiroshi recibió su diploma terminando así su estadía con nosotros. Hiroshi realizó una presentación muy emotiva con la que se despidió del cuerpo académico y administrativo de nuestra escuela, así como de sus otros compañeros que también terminaron lecciones ese mismo día: Johannes y Jenny. A todos les deseamos mucha suerte en su futuro y esperamos que usen mucho el español que aprendieron en Academia Tica. ¡Felicidades y gracias…Continue Reading “Graduación y despedida de Hiroshi”