As I tentatively sip a watery concoction of cacao, almonds and chili, the possibility that this bitter-spicy beverage is even a form of chocolate seems remote, let alone that under my crinkled nose froths the ancient precursor to all chocolate as we know and love it. But history is a lot like taste — surprising, born of the bitter stuff and prone to unlikely combinations. Chocolate makes a great case study. While the chocolate we know today is more closely associated with European machines, West African soils and global appetites,…Continue Reading “A bittersweet tour of chocolate”

When we pull up to his Escazú home, Gerardo Montoya hits play. Parade sounds fill this sleepy neighborhood in the hills overlooking Costa Rica’s capital city. Crashing cymbals and snare drums punch off time as we walk down the driveway towards a garage workshop where our host awaits, dancing among the monsters he’s created, many of them large enough to swallow a man whole. He cuts the music and announces: “Meet my second family!” There is el Chupacabra the blood sucking goat killer, just chilling next to Martina the spunky abuela. There are grinning diablos crowding long-nosed…Continue Reading “Changing face in Escazú”

Costa Rica is out of the run for World Champion, but the whole world cheered as they finished unbeaten in 5th place, just under four of the historically strongest national teams. We celebrate this fantastic performance as the underdogs, and all the passion that it inspired not only in Ticos, but in people everywhere praising the names of Jorge Luis Pinto, Bryan Ruiz, Joel Campbell, Celso Borges and Keylor Navas, among others. We would like to honor La Sele’s trip to Brazil 2014 with 25% flash discount!! The…Continue Reading “¡Gracias Sele! Celebration discounts”

This is going to be a fun month! Events coming up include the University cinema’s “Month of Laughter,” music festivals, a national surf championship, traditional Costa Rican and American celebrations and a “Night at the museum(s)”. 4th of July Picnic For all the Americans who are going to be in Costa Rica for the Independence Day, the American Colony Committee organizes this annual picnic at the Cervecería Nacional near the International Airport from 9 am to 1 pm. Enjoy a piece of homeland culture with food, music, shows,…Continue Reading “What’s on in July?”